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Backlog Visualisierung –

Der Schlüssel zum Erfolg agiler Organisationen liegt in der Visualisierung des Product Backlogs.


Recognize knowledge scatter in the team, motivate learning, and visualize team development.

The supermarket principle


Can we learn from supermarkets in product development? The importance of feature teams.

Change Management –
An Ambiguity

Change Management is essential to succeed in transformation processes.


Mark - What is LeSS?

Andreas Kolmer and I discuss Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS). We give an introduction and share some practical experience.

Wie funktioniert Ownership?

Mit Andreas Kolmer spreche ich darüber wie Ownership in Großkonzernen funktionieren kann und wie man Ownership ermöglicht.

Case Studies

BMW i sales platform

Introduction of large-scale Scrum in the Unified Sales Platform (USP) project at BMW Group AG.

BMW Autonomous driving

Introduction of large-scale Scrum as an organizational structure. Area: autonomous driving, BMW Group AG.