If you ask ChatGPT for a reason why you should hire a consultant, you will get this interesting answer:

One reason you might consider engaging an external consultant is to bring in specialized expertise or knowledge that your organization may not have in-house. Consultants can provide a fresh perspective on your business challenges and offer solutions based on their experience working with other companies facing similar issues. They can also provide objective feedback and help you identify blind spots or areas for improvement. Additionally, engaging a consultant can be a cost-effective way to access expertise without committing to a long-term hire or investing in training and development for your existing staff.

Customers often say that everything sounds great in theory, but that's not how it works for us.
Based on my education and practical experience in agile product development, I can not only teach you the theory. I can successfully implement the theory together with you in your context. As a consultant, I can also do it for you. I promise. Check me out.